Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

It is amazing how "life" just gets so busy and we end up keeping ourselves from doing the things we truly love to do.  I was reading today and a comment made by the author really made me stop and think.  He said, life is what happens between the bookends of birth and death.  What you do in between those two words will make such a huge differance in your attitude, outlook and final address.

I love to create, whether it is with concrete, Italian plaster or just plain old paint.  So, this year I resolve to take the time to play.  Creating art is playing as far as I am concerned.  I spent so many years just having FUN when I had my hawk and trowel in hand creating beautiful walls and works of art.  I loved mixing colors and creating the most unique hue that could never to matched, or re-constructed again.  I spent hours creating works of concrete and just took sheer delight in seeing the finished masterpiece. 
Art was fun, until I decided to make it a career.  Then all of a sudden the fun turned into WORK.  I no longer just created for fun but felt judged, critical eyes on me at all times, inadequate....because all of a sudden someone was paying for my creations.  Well, I have decided to put the fun back in life, just create for the heck of creating and not worry about what other people think of it.  Life is what you make of it and when the fun is gone, do something about it.  My New Years for 2013, enjoy life and get back to creating just for the fun of it.  To heck with the paycheck!