Saturday, May 7, 2011

Allow Your Home to be a Journey Through Time With Textured Fresco

Inspired by plastering methods once used by craftsmen in ancient Rome, the Old World Look can offer a unique, handcrafted appearance that has incredible depth and dimension.  These dimensional qualities offer a journey through time by reproducing the characteristics of aged, weathered walls-adding a  true sense of history to your home.  This finish is fantastic for new homes as it gives instant character, yet is also perfect for older homes that may already be sporting some "character lines" with cracks in the wall that you no longer want to hide but enhance!

If you would like to create this look for yourself, I would suggest following these easy steps.  Before taking on any project, you should always do a sample board for your finished look as there is a learning curve to any new products and tools.  I always create a sample board for my client's project, even if I have done the technique 50 times before.  Using the colors chosen by the homeowner, they will have a very good feel for what their room will look like when completed.  Be sure to always keep in mind however that because this is an artistic piece of work, the design varies though out the finished wall.  This will give you a "one of a kind" finish and unique to your personal home.  Of course the colors remain the same but the variance of color and pooling gives the highly sought after look and artistic balance.  If you prefer an "exacting" finish you should chose wallpaper, that any other homeowner can purchase.

Remove all furniture, cover floors and anything you might not want to be "wearing" plaster.  Tape off all areas around doors and windows.  You may also need to wash the walls with TSP cleaner to remove any dirt or grime before starting.

Apply plaster with a small sea sponge mini roller in a curving, sporadic motion.  Only work on an area that you can manage easily.  Don't get too far ahead of yourself because while this plaster is still wet you want to follow by back troweling with a 10" rounded trowel to smooth down the texture of the plaster.
Continue around the entire room.  Allow to dry completely.

When dry, apply 2 coats of matte paint in the desired color.  Use a sash brush to cut around the edges of doors and windows and then while still wet blend these edges into the body of the wall.  This is very important because if you do not blend you will end up with a framed look around the wall and that is not very attractive.Dry completely

Mix glaze and your choice of color for the final finish.  Apply small amounts of the glaze mixture in a random circular action using either a mitt, brush and leon neon or whatever tools produces the finish you are wanting.  Once again, continue across the walls working wet into wet and blending all edges so there are no harsh edges.

To complete approximately 400 square feet of wall space it will take 2-3 days allowing for dry time.  If you would prefer not to attack such a project please feel free to contact me via email or calling 509-991-8334.

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